We have reproduced the autobiography of Bill Ward as published in The Fantastic World of Bill Ward to give you a bit of perspective on him, as well as several photos. It's worth noting that Bill Ward lived a good part of the life he depicted in his art - he was in fact a leatherman and a biker himself.

In his own words:

I was born in London and have lived almost all my life in the city except for a three year tour in the Army. I've always worked in the publishing business, mostly in young educational magazines. I started off as a copy boy for a London newspaper and then went to one of Britain's largest publishing firms, firstly on the editorial side, then onto the art department. I became the art editor of a children's weekly magazine, then left to go freelance. I've always admired comic art and my heroes in the field have been Burne Hogarth's Tarzan, Hal Foster's Prince Valiant, Milton Caniff; and still are, for that matter. I collect comics, I dabble in oils, and had a one-man exhibition in London. I still find time to paint landscapes in between children's picture books -- and heavier stuff for adult magazines. I've a bike and I belong to the M.S.C. London Leather and Denim Club.

I much enjoy the stuff I have done for Drummer and the Alternate and Manifest Reader. There is always the hope that I'll meet someone who looks like one of my heroes and wouldn't mind posing for me.

Modesty prohibits my supplying facts like age, size, length - cut or uncut - threshold of pain, endurance, etc., and I believe those kinds of things can only be discovered whilst horizontal.

Bill Ward passed away on July 24, 1996.