While we have access to a lot of Bill Ward's work, we by no means have access to all of it that has been published, and we will be asking for help from his fans in getting high quality scans of the work. Details on our requirements are now available! Please follow them closely, and email me before you start scanning if you have any questions.

Even if you don't have a scanner - and are quite understandably not willing to loan out part of your collection - you can still help! Part of the problem is that while his strip for Drummer is arguably his best known work, he had his work published in a great many publications and it can be difficult to even know what materials we should be looking for. So, if you have a magazine collection with a lot of Bill Ward's work, please check and see if there's any gaps in our knowledge that you can fill in.

Does Anyone Know:

We Have The Following Sources:

If you have access to anything not on the above list, please get in touch with us if you're willing to help.